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What Should My Child Be Doing In Their Math Homework?

Let’s get real – it’s hard to keep your kitchen in order. In the morning, you’re busy getting food on the table for all three kids, making sure that you’ve got your morning Power Bar ready to go, making sure your husband’s briefcase is all organized – you don’t have time to worry about whether the OJ went homework help answers in the right section of the fridge, or whether the kids spilled some of their oatmeal.

Back to School is the best time of the year, and Back to School Night is the most important night of the school year- at least when it comes to homework! Back to School Night is your opportunity to find out everything you want to know (and some things you don’t!) about homework directly from the teacher- and in a public! Ask all of your answers for homework, write down the answers, and you will have a clear idea of what your child should be doing for the next 10 months. If you cannot make it to Back to School Night, send someone else and tell them to write down everything! Also, you can meet with the teacher at another time.

Actually, I make time for that. The other hat I wear is a Stetson. Well, not actually, but my “ranch work” does take up a good part of each day. I’m a horse caretaker and currently have six of those half-ton equine hay recyclers in my stable. The hours feeding, raking and picking up balls of decomposed hay are used to listen to audio book mysteries or novels, or to mull over possible interviews, marketing, or story ideas. The added bonus-all that outdoor physical labor helps keep me from developing writer’s butt and PC shoulder slump. (Ha-ha).

Parents have to set a particular time for the start of the homework help answers routine of your child. Children do not want to continue their study after coming back from school. They need a little rest to refresh themselves. Choose a suitable time so that they can also do other activities like plying or watching television. These activities are necessary for the balanced growth of your child. However, you have to monitor the time your child spends watching television or playing games. Help your child in creating a daily timetable so that he saves enough time for his homework. Make sure that you are readily available at that time to assist him or her with homework.

6) Do the best you can in the time you have. Kids may be involved in other things. They may not feel well. So it would be impossible to do perfect, excellent work all the time. To me, that does not matter. Just do the best you can with the time and energy you have.


Like most writers, I started composing little romantic-suspense stories when I was about twelve. I remember one titled “Lenore” about a wounded soldier and a beautiful ghost who came out of the mist, rescued him, and then vanished. Wow, wish I could find that story now!

Content. You will also need to consider the content of your story idea — that is, the plot. A story about a girl who is struggling with her online homework answers probably wouldn’t make a very interesting novel, but approached from the right direction, it could certainly make a cute short story. And from the other perspective, a Civil War epic about brothers who are divided by battle could hardly be compacted into a little short story. It requires full-length novel treatment. Do a simple outline and decide how many words you will need to tell your story.

I remember my freshman high school basketball coach was one of the scariest people on earth; every time he barked, we would listen. He turned what I thought was going to be a fun basketball experience into a physical living nightmare, but it motivated each of us to struggle, work, and fight for our lives, or we would be punished at even more and eventually be cut from the team. Sometimes discomfort may be the best motivators of all, since if we feel to comfortable with ourselves we lack discipline and don’t want to talk action at all.

The compromise that you need to draw is to find a way for your kids to watch television in a way that is more beneficial to them. First of all, ask your satellite TV if there is any kind of parental control system that you can institute on the television set. You may be surprised to learn that you can make channels you deem inappropriate for your kids accessible only via password. For example, say you do not want them to be able to see the nudity and violence on a channel like HBO. You can make it so that they need to know a certain pass code in order to watch it. They might complain, but you will be able to sleep better at night knowing that your 11-year-old is not watching the unedited version of Sex and the City.

No longer do children follow the simple vertical method for addition and subtraction, but strange lines with jumps on, phrases such as ‘bridging through the tens’, and ‘ones’ replacing ‘units’ have all become common place in children’s homework. This leads parents wondering how to help and children without that ‘expert’ at home they can rely on.

So give yourself a break after a long day, a short day or anytime you want. Sit down and put your feet up, your comfortable massage chair is there waiting to help you unwind and bring your body back to its natural, relaxed state.


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